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    IT Outsourcing


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    Offshore Software Development

    BPO service provider


Custom development according to the specific business requirements.


Skills that you can count on, for professional recommendations on IT selection and application.


Capturing non-electronic data and processing


Administration, Backup plan, track software releases and test/install relevant service packs as they become available.


What exists today is an electronic fabric of communication devices that connect everyone to everything. When electronic devices in our homes and businesses are network-enabled, the result is more convenience, increased productivity and profitability, and an improved quality of life.


Our expertise in developing solutions for our customers' needs encompasses a large number of operating environments. These include traditional Windows and Linux based desktop systems as well as cloud environment. We develop solutions in all the major programming languages and platforms.


Our remote server administration service plans offer a cost-effective alternative to a System Administrator. we provide comprehensive monitoring and administration service that can save you money, increase your efficiency, and most importantly, keep your systems up.


In this dramatically paced world of Internet, Activa has fast established itself as a competitive force to reckon with in delivering high quality solutions. We bring to fore robust and optimal solutions with the backing of a deep understanding of your business requirements.

AFT is a place where imaginative minds have the opportunity to explore new ideas and implement cutting edge software and BPO solutions. We offer solutions right across the globe.


Our people are our assets. We believe in bringing diverse and highly qualified individuals on board to ensure a work culture that fosters personal growth through internal mentorship program. Our people bring years of software development experience, domain expertise and a desire to help you succeed in your business goal. We nurture a company culture of helping our clients beyond expectations even if we have to go that extra mile. Our organization Values revolve around customer satisfaction, quality delivery, privacy protection, integrity and equal opportunity rights. Our clients, customers and employees view us as an organization with high respect for intellectual property rights, individual talent, ownership of delivery and partnerships.


Our state of the art development centers are equipped with the latest technologies with secured systems and comfortable working conditions to boost productivity and quality. We maintain 24x7 service & support for our engagements.
We work on ground-breaking new technologies and products related to Internet paradigm with the latest in high technology systems. The company has grown by providing high quality professional services to our clients. Take advantage of our expertise to be in touch with tomorrow.

Our Edge

  • Quality of our solutions turns short-term pilot engagements into long-term relationships.
  • Commitment to your growth and success differentiates us from our competition.
  • Accountability ensured by employing local experts adds tremendous value to your cost & our efficiency.

  • Time-To-Market is our norm to ensure success in the competitive economy.
  • Flexibility to adapt to your changing priorities and business focus - is the key to our success in any assignment.