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Our Approach

AFT offshore office set-up provides a formulated approach to rapid development and staffing according to your needs. Our multi-phased, parallel processing approach results in a fully-operational Technology Center in just 4 weeks.

The Process involves...

  1. Core Team Formation
  2. Establishment of Tactical Objectives
  3. Planning & Process Definition
  4. Pre-Launch
  5. Go Live

Phase 1: Core Team Formation:

During this first step, we integrate all of the parameters that define your requirement: your specification, the technical constraints, an analysis of the customer's needs, a functional analysis, an aesthetic analysis, a competitor analysis and of course the analysis of the company's identity.

Based on the resources required, we'll provide skilled and experienced talent appropriate for your projects. Our resources are far reaching and allow us to continuously recruit and train individuals for a long and rewarding career. We will gain a complete understanding of your requirements and then pinpoint the individuals with the talent and capability to deliver the desired solutions.

Phase 2: Establishment of Tactical Objectives :

Having identified the Team leaders, phase 2 begins to achieve determined objectives such as infrastructure, technology, and training

Phase 3: Planning & Process Definition :

Due to rapid evolution of standards and features in the Internet industry, the planning phase is particularly crucial to the long-term success of a particular requirement. A well-executed and well-documented strategic planning phase will ensure that...

Effective strategic planning provides long-term value. Our team will develop the solution to meet your needs, whether you are a government, corporation, small business or private individual requiring a team of skilled programmers / developers to carry out work for you while you concentrate on customer relationship.

Phase 4: Pre-Launch :

With the completion of Phases 1 and 2, and phase 3 the acquisition, installation, and training of all resources is completed.

Phase 5: Go Live :

Within 4 weeks, all phases are completed, resulting in a full-functional, ready-to-go Technology Center aligned with your development initiatives.