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Activa Financial has established its roots in delivering quality solutions by employing the best engineers.
We bring in economic value by employing over 160+ highly skilled, but inexpensive resources that ensure high accountability at minimal risk. We bring in local consultants with domain expertise to better understand the business and ensure seamless communication with our development center.

Wireless / Mobile Solutions

Wireless presents daunting application development challenges-a proliferation of devices with different capabilities and display formats, still evolving protocols, emerging standards, new programming languages. It takes skilled, knowledgeable developers who understand and appreciate the intricacies and complexities of advanced technology and who can quickly master wireless application design and development.

AFT has been a pioneering and key player in the development of application software for the Windows Phone, Android, iPhone OS platforms.

With an unflinching commitment to excellence. Motivated by an ambition to continually make a mark in the mobile and wireless industry, we extend our expertise to provide customized solutions for the corporate and vertical markets.

For organizations with existing Internet applications, we can help to quickly redesign and extend those applications to handheld devices.
For organizations that are looking for ways to leverage the wireless Web, our full lifecycle services can help identify opportunities and architect and implement solutions. For organizations that have already identified their mobile applications, we can deliver the technology, skilled development resources, and project managers necessary to build those applications fast by leveraging its onshore/offshore development model.

Desktop / Distributed Solutions

Our expertise in developing solutions for our customers' needs encompasses a large number of operating environments. These include traditional Windows and Linux based desktop systems as well as cloud environment such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.
We develop solutions in all the major development frameworks like Microsoft .NET, Adobe Coldfusion, Codeignitor, J-Developer and other languages.

In short, we offer folowing development & application services:

  • Create and develop corporate systems customized to your existing or anticipated business processes.
  • Automate your unique business processes and develop specialized solutions as required.
  • Create modules with customized functionality.
  • Integrate existing systems into your business processes.
  • Re-engineer and port existing systems to match current needs.
  • Develop or improve business applications.
  • Build Internet applications.
  • Design and create information databases.
  • Low-level and system programming.

Internet Solutions

AFT Project Management tool is a common interface into key deliverables, resource management, team messaging, project related documents and files, bug-tracking and build-control. When deployed and used, all project resources unify under a common methodology. This helps avoid common roadblocks to communication and project success.
The main features of the PMC include:

  • Web-based application with built-in security level access restrictions
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Comprehensive personalization
  • Integrated bug-tracking system allows project managers and team members to get real-time information on bugs and fixes
  • Support Ticketing System

IT Consultancy

With years of experience, the specialists at AFT have gained the wide experience and practical skills that you can count on for professional recommendations on IT selection and application. The IT market is characterized by a constant barrage of new software products, technologies, systems, and other tools designed to increase enterprise resources utilization and open opportunities for new levels of development.
How do you determine which of these are right for you? Which meet your needs, and which don't?

As your consultant, AFT is the pilot who charts a safe course through the tumultuous sea of information technologies. However, you are still the captain of your ship, we only suggest optimal and effective solutions.

Effective use of a consultant not only solves the problems that enterprises encounter, but also increases the efficacy of company activities in general and/or raises the labor productivity of each individual employee, as well as creating competitive advantages and leading your company to a new business level.

Interactive Multimedia

Utilizing text, video, audio, video, animation and graphics we will allow you to communicate to your audience professionally with maximum impact. Whether you want to create a sales presentation, training tool, interactive catalogue or entertainment piece, AFT is ready to assist you.
Our team provides solutions that interact with databases, compliment existing media materials, or link to the Web.

AFT creates implementation strategies using high-quality video production, or other digital technologies - whatever platform is best suited to your needs. Additionally, we provide consulting and audio/visual set-up services for clients giving in-person presentations.